Welcome to Nanuku Levu Island in Northern Fiji, South Pacific!

Spectacular sandy Nanuku Levu Island is now under new ownership, and the final completion of the main house structure is almost complete! With the island nation of Fiji preparing to re-open to tourism by December 1st, 2021, we are getting the finishing touches ready for vacationing guests to experience Fiji again, or for the first time, and for guests to experience a private tropical Fiji vacation rental, not only private for the new house, but private on the entire 12 acre island for your group, the whole island waiting for your ultimate getaway! With our friendly fully vaccinated staff ready to serve you cold drinks, delicious food and assist in your enjoyment of the entire sandy beach island, your tropical island oasis awaits your arrival and enjoyment, to replenish your soul and soothe away all your daily life stress ... a refreshment of energy, relaxation and beauty awaits you on Nanuku Levu Island!

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Lying peacefully in the northern section of Fiji, Nanuku Levu island is a mixture of many tropical features. From the totally amazing massive sandy spit that shoots out from the main house, to sandy beaches on one side of the island, and rocky volcanic shelved shores with tide pools on the other, with tropical birds all around and turtles laying eggs in the sand, you know you are in a truly natural tropical setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

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One of the most amazing features of Nanuku Levu island is that it lies in the 30 mile long Heemskerg reef, which completely surrounds the island with white coral reef sands which make the reef waters a brilliant turquoise color, before turning a deep blue at reef's edge. An island snorkeler's paradise, whether you want to spend time below water, above water paddle boarding and kayaking, or just lounging staring at the water and the view from the sandy beach, relaxing in the truly tropical paradise, away from the rest of the world, with your best friends and family.

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A most unique and truly relaxing feature of the island is the massive sandy spit that juts out off the northern end of the island, with waves from both sides washing across it and meeting in the middle, a kissing of the gentle waves across golden sand, that can make one just melt in the beauty of the natural crystal clear ocean waters and beach blending together in perfect harmony! Your private island retreat awaits you at Nanaku Levu in the South Pacific, in tropical Northern Fiji. You deserve a getaway beyond all getaways, on your own private island rental, with those that you enjoy to see again and be with, away from it all, Bula Fiji!

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Getting there: The standard commercial travel method for getting to Nanuku Levu island is to arrange a flight to the main island of Fiji's International airport for customs clearance in Nadi. Then a transfer flight to the third largest island of Taveuni, to the airport in Matei, Taveuni. Then we assist in a one hour boat ride to the sands of Nanuku Levu island, the boat pulls up close to shore, you step off the boat onto the island and there you are!

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